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Samsung Galaxy S10 Review

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is engineered and designed to be a conversation-changer, a phone that's intended to turn everyone's yearly question of "Do I really need to upgrade?" into a more exclamatory "I really need to upgrade!"

The S10 does make this case, according to the six months we've spent testing Samsung's new flagship phone for 2019 – with some clear caveats, including the fact that the even more ambitious Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is launching this week.

Design and key features

The Galaxy S10’s revamped design is perhaps its most noticeable change. You won’t struggle to tell this phone apart from its predecessor this time around: the Galaxy S10’s chassis is now surrounded by an iPhone Xs-like silver-tinted trim. It looks just as swish, in fact, and even the chin and forehead bezels have been completely removed.

Aside from the hole-punch display, the Galaxy S10 is the same as every other smartphone on the market. That's not a bad thing, but if you're waiting for innovative smartphone design before spending close to $1,000 (or far more) for a new device, you'll have to hold out for the fold-able phones arriving this year.

Battery life

Samsung has crafted an excellent phone in the S10 with a gorgeous screen, high-end internals and a bevvy of great features all packed inside a well-designed body. However, it isn’t perfect.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 packs in a 3,400mAh battery, an upgrade over the 3,000mAh capacity of the Galaxy S9. However, because of the increase in screen size, Samsung is still quoting the same "all-day" battery life for the S10 as it did for its predecessor, and we found this to be true.


The Galaxy S10’s triple rear camera is one of the better systems on the market and is the same as that fitted to the larger Galaxy S10+. It’s main 12-megapixel camera, 12-megapixel telephoto camera and a 16-megapixel ultrawide-angle camera work together for easy and flexible shooting modes zooming from 0.5 to 2x, and on to a 10x hybrid zoom.


When Samsung first introduced the S10, it said three core pillars drove it forward: display, camera, and performance. Samsung’s focus has paid off.

Simply put, the S10 has one of the best displays I’ve ever seen. It’s a stunner top to bottom. Samsung’s Super AMOLED tech has always been impressive and the latest iteration thereof is simply fantastic.

Why buy the Samsung Galaxy S10?

There isn’t a more complete flagship Android phone you can buy right now than the Samsung Galaxy S10 – and its two biggest competitors are, at this moment, the smaller S10e and the pricier S10 Plus.

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